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At ADP Consultancy, we are able to help you to conceptualize any spa facility, whether it is a niche spa establishment, hotel spa, beauty spa, club house, private home or condominium.
  Products { Mexda - Outdoor Spa }
Our spas are carefully designed to provide you with the perfect hot water experience. Enjoy precious time with family and friends and spend an intimate evening with someone close to you. Relieve aches and pains. Take pleasure in quiet solitude to rejuvenate your spirit or do all of the above as the mood strikes you.

Soaking in hot water while enjoying the soothing hydro massaging jet action may mean different things to different people, but one thing will always remain the same: your hot tub will give you the best water experiences you will ever have.
WS – 093C
Size: 2350x2000x900mm
  WS – S01A
Size: 2200x2200x1070mm
  WS – 092B
Size: 2120x2120x900mm
  WS – 095
Size: 1900x1350x800mm
Size: 1900x1350x800mm
  WS – 094
Size: 2100x1800x850mm
  Pressure-Flo Jet
targets the hip and leg areas.
  Air Bath System
A refreshing air bath system.