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At ADP Consultancy, we are able to help you to conceptualize any spa facility, whether it is a niche spa establishment, hotel spa, beauty spa, club house, private home or condominium.
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The forerunner of hydrotherapy High Performance Equipments
Our range is always more innovative and our endeavors are a permanent quest towards your well-being and your comfort.

Our equipments are all elaborated with the assistance of well known professional operators. They are a guarantee of safety, durability and pleasure




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Developed for your well-being.
Controlled heat constantly adjusted to the body temperature.

Perfectly adapted ergonomic shape.
No electromagnetic pollution.

Improve the beneficial effects of your treatments by lying down on this wood and ceramic relaxation bed.

The great variety of colors available for the ceramic and wood will enable you to perfectly integrate it into the ambience and decoration of your relaxation room.

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A journey in the heart of innovation
The development of our equipments is constantly based on improving the well-being and health of their future users.

Our engineers, always in search for new technologies and taking advantage of their creativity and know-how, are united in a dynamic action towards permanent innovation.